Friday, May 2, 2008


I'm trying to get myself to a calm place at the moment. I feel so stressed and strung-out. I think that hot tea and maybe popping a benedryl are in order. Asked Mz. Thang to unload the DW yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning. Still not done. She used DH's neck massager and left it where destructive Jack could get at it - now I have to do a repair job on the damn thing. OK - this blog isn't for ranting, so that's IT!

I contacted someone about charting this shawl pattern and she wants a drawn diagram and charges $35 an hour to do it. I dunno... if I wait a few more days I'll probably be able to tackle the task myself. Just need to get myself in a better place.

Two sales on Etsy - BT cap pattern and a niddy noddy. So far, so good, I guess. I need to replace the twine that connects my footman to the treadle bar on the wheel. I think that I may just say to hell with everything else today, get that done, finish spinning the mahogany roving and then spin some bamboo ad chocolate roving together, see about Navajo plying it and then list it for sale. I know that selling my hand-spun stuff is going to be rough. Its kind of like letting something precious go!

I printed, signed, scanned and sent the consignment contract back to Yarny Goodness today. Ordered more dyes and mordants from Dharma Trading yesterday. Now I need to get yarns to work with. Henry's Attic isn't too far from here. I'll have to find out if retail hours are available and do some shopping, or just stay at home and order from Knit Picks. Too much to think about today! ARGH!

Time to heat water, have my tea and chill!!!

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