Saturday, May 3, 2008


Slept in - nice, quiet day! Well, aside from the usual dog antics. They carry on like little kids; jumping on furniture, chasing each other, barking and screaming (yes, these dogs can do that) at each other. Jack is our #1 screamer. It can chill you to the bone - he almost yodels at times, especially if there are squirrels involved. If he were ever to get hold of one I pity that poor squirrel.

Husband working all day, Andrea at her first concert in East Rutherford, NJ - she won't be home until tomorrow. Phone has been quiet allll day long. NICE! ;)

Andrea and I played around with the hackle the other day using bright colors: pink, orange, yellow, lilac, and splashes of white. I finished spinning the mahogany roving last night so I grabbed that stuff, very small amount, and spun it up. I was amazed at how it came out so I've spent today making more and spinning the day away. I just did up two more batches, will get that done and then decide how I want to ply it. I think that a solid color will work best (what I have now is blended) and I have an idea that may result in our 'signature' yarn line. I'm a bit excited about this, too!

Mrs. G. (I think it was the Mrs.) from Henry's Attic called me yesterday and gave me lots of info about buying from them. I need to make a change to my business certificate at the government center this week and see if I can update my tax ID number with the new business name. If not, I'll just have to apply for another. I need to get $ to HA for their samples. I can hardly wait to get my hands on them... I saw on a website that sells their fiber that they also have roving, etc., and I'd love to get some and dye & spin in the fashion I mentioned above. I'm visualizing a fawn colored alpaca with a blue-hued bamboo running through it.

I told Pam from Yarny Goodness that I could have a minimum of 10 skeins to her by June 1st but I do hope to have much more than that to send her. Hubby would like to play with dyeing roving so I can put him to work doing that. He's off from work tomorrow, sooooo - he may find himself with tie-dye hands. I need more brights, some pastels, and lots and lots of earthy colors. Going to be cooler outside so that'll be good. It can get hot in here with the mordants and steamer going for hours on end.

Just put pizza dough into the bread machine. We'll have that for dinner tonight. Easy, no major production as far as cooking goes.

OK - back to the wheel!


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