Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Color blind

I finally got to dyeing yesterday. Yarn, roving, ends, country silk, silk laps, nylon. Went from 10am and took a break at 6:15pm - everything finally out of the steamer by 9pm and I took the last of everything out of the washer around 11pm and hung it all up to dry. Raining outside most of yesterday with more rain predicted for days to come. Imagine how happy I am that right now that its sunny & breezy outside! I rushed everything out to the rear porch and have it hanging towards the driveway. It'll sure catch the attention of anyone driving up or down the mountain!

Talked w/Blace this morning and from now on I'm going to take 2 days per week to dye. One day for yarn only - and ONLY one selection of color-way on that day. Too many colors and things get out of hand. The other day will be for things for my own use for spinning/production - roving, glitz, etc...

I have to say that out of all that went into dyeing yesterday the country silk is the most beautiful stuff. It's been in the shed for several years and I had no idea what I was ever going to do with it. It's a natural tan color... well, it was. It took the dye like magic! It's spectacular! I used ocher, dark orange, teal, turquoise, salmon and brown... amazing color-ways. I feel that this silk will need to be blended to give it some support/memory so I'll probably use solid color wools to ply it.

All yarn sold on Ebay. Bye bye stashed acrylics! Used some of the proceeds to buy a pound of fawn alpaca and a sampling of sea-cell yarn to try spinning. Great deal on the alpaca - $24! Won't find that again too soon... and its from Ashland Bay, Co., so I know its good stuff.

Off to the post office - package in. I hope its the fleeces from Iowa. I've been waiting on those forever.

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