Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three BOXES full!

The missing package from Vickie's Raspberry Hollow appeared at our post office this morning. The box was in perfect shape and no one could explain where the missing parcel had been hiding. All in all, I'm just very happy that it got here! Also arriving: a perfectly washed fleece from "All Strings Considered". This stuff is so amazingly white and soft -- ready for the carder! Perfection in fleece for anyone not wanting to go through the hassles of washing and picking. And finally - a half pound of dark, dark brown w/lighter tips of suri alpaca. I see a tiny bit of vegetable matter, but this stuff is also beautiful and soooo soooo soft! And the stuff in the missing parcel - Walter & Pearl! Finely skirted, unwashed - the staple length of Walter's fleece is amazing. I'll be washing this with care to preserve the locks for dyeing and blending. Pearl's fleece is a bit shorter, but also very, very nice. Lots of VM in her fleece, but that's easily taken care of. I'll take it out on the back porch to shake it out some prior to washing. Hubby & I both dipped our hands into Walter's fleece and we could both feel the wonderful lanolin. I was going to have him put it out in the shed for fear of smelling up the house, but he says its not an offensive smell, so keep it inside. OK by me! :) Photos later.

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