Monday, May 19, 2008

3 Bags Full!

The goodies arrived from the Sheep Shed Studio today! Three bags full.. yup! Four pounds of roving, 2 pounds of wool caps and 2 pounds of grab bag stuff. *All* white as I requested.

I would like to start dyeing today but I need to get some stuff out of the way first... like dinner! Going to make a small batch of meatballs and have spaghetti. Easy enough. Dishes are done. Have to feed the dogs. Should wind off the remainder of that fine white stuff into skeins so I can get that dyed. Label re-design is complete. New logo up on Etsy. Quite a bit of spinning done.

Read about a wheel up for sale in the Spinning group today. She was asking $200 or best offer. I got in touch, she sent pix, I told her I wanted it, all of a sudden she talked to a friend and wants $275. BullSH*T! I told her it was an older model and that I'd have to get updated bobbins for it at $28 each and offered her $240. No response as of yet. I just think it sucks to offer something to a large group like that and then pull a switch. If she accepts $240, I may go ahead and buy it from her; not quite sure yet. It's a Louet S10. I found an S17 on Ebay, brand new, free shipping for $315. Might just go that route instead.

OK - I'm going to get these dogs fed and then see how I feel about getting ready to dye stuff.


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