Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Quite some time ago a woman that I've known for many years via an email group recommended that I check out Etsy to sell hats that I had been knitting at the time. I kind of 'poo - poo'ed' that idea in favor of the WALLYWORLD of the online universe, EBAY. Since that time I've been screwed on Ebay, not once, but twice, and they (Ebay) were absolutely NO HELP WHATSOEVER in resolving the issues leaving me about $100 short on funds and with invisible merchandise.

Finally, about a month ago I started lurking around Etsy and found myself to be totally amazed! I had thought it would be quite expensive - the opposite is quite true. Reasonable prices on virtually everything and I think what has impressed me most at this point is that these sellers keep their shipping charges to bare minimums! That's impressive! ... well at least to old, pitiful, ex-ebayer!!, me, it is. 8-/ I've found the most gorgeous fibers to feed my addiction and new spinning habit. Seems that most of the sellers are quite young, but what a fabulous bunch of people! They amaze me with their vision & creativity. I have a few sellers that are particular favorites and have found that I have to 'stalk' their Etsy shops to get a tiny morsel of their crafty creations. Two women in particular, both in their mid-twenties. Marvelous offerings in their shops... dammit, I'm addicted!

Blace & I opened our very own Etsy shop last evening. Hopefully we'll make a bit of $$ for us to have fun with. We both enjoy crafting things in our own particular mediums, so it's a joint effort. Kinda cool, too.


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