Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So yesterday I mentioned that the Shed order arrived. When I first cut the tape on the box and lifted out the bags I was kind of disappointed because it just didn't seem like that much wool. Well, then I tore a small hole in the first bag and it started to suck air ... and the darn thing blew up BIG TIME! Each of three bags had been so well packed into that box - all of the air pressed out before they tied the bags up... I happily have piles of white stuff to play with today and it is most definitely a dyeing day!!

My dark red rhododendrons are just about to burst open and I'm going to experiment with some of those as soon as there are lots of blossoms for me to harvest. I bought a dye book recently (have to find it in my creative mess here) and it has lots of info on dyeing naturally. This is something I would prefer over chemical dyes. There's some great old wood along the edges of the woods just outside of the house... I bet if I simmered that up I'd get some great color. Hmmmm... I know that hollyhocks are great for dyeing, too - can't wait for those to bloom --- ohohoh! And the roses at the corner of the house! We're usually swamped with those all summer long. OK - enough before I lose my mind. hehehe

Time to go soak some wool and get dyes mixed up!

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