Monday, May 26, 2008

Toys for boys

Took dear hubby out the other day and bought him a new drill press and a router w/table. He's just like a little kid with new toys to play with and has been going non-stop with stuff. Now he's out of wood! LOL I'm going to get him a lathe (inexpensive table top) for Father's Day... he'll be floored. He's so into woodworking - it's just amazing. I had remarked that whorls for the wheel were like $22 each. Once he gets the lathe I'll have every size whorl imaginable for the wheel and the carder!

As for the carder - we're waiting on D.J. (of D.J.'s Wood Products/Creations) in Yulan to get the large drum back to us. I'm hoping to hear from him tomorrow. The carding cloth came in and the small drum is ready to go with 72tpi cloth - the large will have 90tpi. Hubby stained the carder with a golden oak hue and it's simply gorgeous! Once I have that to play with he'll stain the wheel the same color... and the lazy Kate!

So almost all of the $ that I made from the website has gone for new tools, but those tools totally benefit me, too! Any leftover cash I'll use for supplies. I have several types of fleeces coming in - 2 different wools (which are currently lost with the USPS, but I do have faith that they'll be found) and three different alpacas. I have a sample package of 'sea cell' to try (made from sea weed). I want to order bamboo. I have fire-star that I dyed different colors - brilliant stuff! Silk laps that I also dyed - needs to be carded.

I spun up a bobbin full of Ashland Bay alpaca yesterday afternoon and will spin wool today to ply it with. Sis-in-law, Helene, loves alpaca so once I have it plied with the wool I'm going to knit gloves for her & BIL Mark.

Today I have to label and package up the stuff for Yarny Goodness and get it shipped tomorrow. I'm going to have to use Word to make up individual labels for each skein. I want to be sure that its all labeled properly - and I also need to properly gauge each yarn beforehand. FIRST - I have to take MIL shopping for a few items that she needs... I'll pick up a couple of things, too. We're going to the local grocery to save on gas.

That about does it for now ...

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