Friday, May 16, 2008


I have been so buried in stuff I've had to write a schedule out and try to stick to it. I've made commitments that have to be met and have been working very hard on getting those ready for fulfillment. I have the photographer's website near completion - expect to have it totally online by late this evening. At least then I can finally bill for it.

Have yarn wound off in 2oz cakes to skein and dye and I have a new idea for dyeing it to make it self striping. If this works I will have truly unique sock yarns that will carry our new fiber label (designed by me, too!) and will become another of our signature yarns. So far I have two sig yarns and I'm totally in love with both of them.

I still need to order the samples from H.A. and get some temporary stock (bare) yarns in from Knit Picks.

No time for knitting - the shawl has stalled and I feel badly about this because I still have knitters working it. The edge that I had decided on wasn't working out too well and I really can't give the one knitter that has made it that far much feedback since I'm so far behind. (Sorry, Wendy!) Going to be rainy and yucky here for days so maybe I'll be able to get to it. I wanted to knit yesterday but my left hand was quite swollen and fingers were numb. I sleep with my hands twisted up for some damn reason - I think I'll get something to wear on them at night so I don't do that any more.

OK - back at the photo site -


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