Friday, May 30, 2008

Carder... again!

We spent a lot of time today on the road searching for this thing to use with DH's router to create/cut circles that also designates center. Honesdale, PA - nothing! We got back home, unloaded MIL's stuff, went home and put refrigerated stuff away and hit the road again for Matamoras' Home Depot. No thing there either, but there was a spiral saw that had a separate attachment to cut circles. He didn't want to buy yet another saw, so off to Lowes we went. While there I found the thing that he needed to do the cutting... we didn't buy the basic one, we bought the deluxe kit. It said on the box that circles could be cut UP TO 51". Cool! So, we got it, picked up some wood, headed home.

We got home and he got out some old wood to test on... turns out the thing will cut as stated, but it never said how small of a circle we could get. Turns out it is a 10 inch diameter... we needed 7 - 7 1/2 inches. SHIT! After taking it all in we decided to proceed with the 10 inch pieces and on Monday I'll call Howard Brush and order another foot of 90tpi carding cloth. Gonna be a big assed drum!!! Of course the bad side is that it'll be another week before I have the carder to use. Disappointment, yep - but I'd rather wait and have it done up right than to mess around and chance it would work horribly or not at all.

All that typed - I finished spinning up a turquoise braid and will probably start plying it shortly. I'm thinking of Navajo plying. So, off to look at vids on YouTube to see what I can learn. ;)

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