Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dye Test Day

Today I'm going to be testing a new method of dyeing yarn to create something that will self stripe. I don't want to go with the HUGE layout of yarn to do this - there's a tutorial on the web somewhere that outlines how to do it that way - I have another idea that I think will work just as well. Time will reveal all.

I have my Color Index out and will choose two different color-ways and get my dyes mixed up first. I think 3 - 4 colors per skein will be best and I want to be absolutely sure to write my dye formulas up so I can repeat them if they work out well. I have the yarn wound off into 'cakes' but will be skeining on a noddy to determine yardage first. This yarn will require a bit more effort in preparation. Hopefully the end result will justify the price that I'll need to charge for it. I have to run out and get paper masks since I'm using a totally different mordant than before... this stuff isn't food grade as the last was - it's chemical. Must lock up the dawgz, too!! Caesar is into everything. "Wacha doin' mama. Kin I hewp?" :)
That's our boy!

Finished the website last night... YAY! FINALLY! Now, get dressed, post office first to ship stuff, masks next, skein yarn, mix mordants, soak yarn, prepare for dyeing, get technicolor hands & clothing and have FUN!

Later y'all!

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