Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Carding cloth ordered and shipped. I WILL have this thing up and running by Saturday... well, DH will! I simply cannot wait!

One of the shawl test knitters posted pix of her finished shawl a short while ago and has just blown me away. It's absolutely stunning - she did magnificent work! I'm getting closer and closer to working the final edge of mine. Hurry up and KNIT, Laurel! Damn! :)

Since I've spun up a whole bunch of white merino for blending with white alpaca and the carder isn't ready, I started hand carding the alpaca today. This stuff spins up really beautifully. I don't know what the person used to wash & condition it, but my hands are feeling really good & soft! I'm spinning and leaving the tinier neps in. I think that'll give the gloves that this blend is intended for some 'character'. Not sure of the color that I'll dye it yet. Something in a natural line, I think. Helene isn't one for bright, girly colors.

Listed a bunch of roving on Etsy last evening. Might have to pull some of it to take to the yarn shop in Narrowsburg this weekend. They're going to carry my handspun in the shop on a consignment basis. The owner isn't familiar with spinning fibers, but there may be folks out there looking for supplies like the roving and batts I'll be producing, so ... ya never know!

Andrea due home soon. Probably send her to Peck's to get something easy for dinner. Outta here for now.

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