Monday, June 16, 2008

He does it again!

He's done it again, that man of mine! We've discussed wool combs and possibly constructing them here at home. I need a pair to get this fleece ready for the carder. There's so much VM - I want to be able to sit outside and go at it.
Blace came in yesterday with his prototype of a wool comb. It's absolutely fabulous! He's really looking forward to making many more. (photo at left)

MIL took a nasty fall yesterday. She called to let us know just as a storm was rolling through, but didn't want to bother us and said we didn't have to come up. Well now - c'mon Miz Vivi! Like we could even bear the thought of letting her suffer!! So, up the mountain we went. Poor thing could hardly move - she complained of her lower spine really hurting. We didn't want to risk putting her in the car so I called 911 and the American Legion sent an ambulance over to transport her to Bon Secours. After x-rays and whatnot it was determined that nothing was broken, but the she'd experience a whole lotta pain over the next few days. Blace spent last night with her to be sure she'd be OK. Richa & Paul brought a walker up today for her to use. We're going to have to encourage her to get up and walk around as much as possible so that she'll heal quickly. I'm going to call the doc's office tomorrow to see if they might be able to help us get a visiting nurse in, at least for this week. Andrea is going to go up each day and check her mail, give her lunch and spend a bit of time with her. I'll go up later in the afternoon to make sure she eats something for dinner, and Blace will go up right after work in the evenings to get her into bed - he'll also be going up at 5am each morning to get her up and give her breakfast. Not easy, but someone has to do it - his parents were one of the reasons that we moved up here - she took care of her kids, now it's their (our) turn to help her out!

While the ambulance was transporting her another call came in for a river rescue. The second ambulance ended up at BS also - unfortunately the poor guy couldn't be revived. Such a shame - he was only 25 years old.


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