Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday into Monday

Today was shot to hell. MIL's birthday is June 9th so we had a small gathering on Sunday the 8th. Just Richa, Paul, Stacey, Blace & I - and of course the guest of honor, Miz Vivi! Since we were such a small group as compared to the past several years I made rigatoni w/meat sauce & ricotta, Richa made a great salad with roasted peppers & mescaline greens, DeFillipi's Italian bread, and Richa also made the most evil deep, dark chocolate cake with a ganache that was absolutely delicious.

Drea stayed at home entertaining her BF & two other friends. They spent some time cleaning the pool which was opened up yesterday. It's still a bit green, but that should be totally taken care of this week. By next Saturday it'll be clear & sparkling.

OK - the drum carder is finished! I made my first batt on it this evening and it turned out quite pretty! Of course I had someone who will remain nameless there offering his opinions as to what I should add as I tried to card so it's not exactly what I had in mind for a first batt. He goes to work tomorrow night and will sleep tomorrow afternoon, so that will give me time to get some stuff REALLY going! So far this blog hasn't been too photo intensive, but that's going to change - big time! LOL

I also became an enabler this weekend - at least I hope that I have. Andrea had a new friend here on Saturday and this girl has rainbow hair! Her name is Vanessa and she's very artsy - Andrea had been to her art show on Friday evening. She knits and was quite interested in my yarns and I gave a few small novelty skeins to her. She came to talk with us a while later and asked me how I got started with all of the yarn, spinning and whatnot. I told her how learning to use a drop spindle had gotten me going on spinning and now carding and she seemed genuinely interested, so I asked her if she might like to learn to use the drop spindle. She said, yes, absolutely... I gave her a top-whorl spindle and a gallon zip-loc with a bunch of colorful dyed roving bits and told her to look online for tutorials and videos to get herself started. I hope to hear at some point that she's taken a real interest in it. I wish my daughter would!

We had a great Etsy weekend, too! All but one of my rovings sold, and the last two niddy noddies were sold as well. We need to restock! I have one order that has to go to Sweden and will need to hit the post office tomorrow morning for shipping options. Priority mail is just way too much. I hope there's a cheaper alternative or I may have to suspend global shipping, which I really do not want to do.

Thats it for now - time to sleep.

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