Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blending day...

The carder will be ready for use when I crawl out of bed tomorrow. It's 1:19am now, we're going to have to get up somewhat early and get the air conditioners uncovered, filters cleaned, and get them going. It's going to be HOT! This is the latest that we've waited to turn on the air in many years! Pats on the backs for us!! Usually we have them going in April.

So, I have lots of stuff ready for carding tomorrow but have no idea of how I want to begin. It'll come to me at some point. I have a whole lot of great bamboo that's already been dyed to blend, firestar dyed different colors (here at home), and 3 different Angelina colors. I have a large amount of black & grey roving dyed up and I may begin with that. We do have to 'fine tune' the carder a bit, but that's the easy part.

So, I'm going through this stupid PMS/extremely cramp-y/no show period thing again. Last time this happened the blasted monthlies stopped for 7 months! They've been back for 3 - maybe this time old Auntie Flo will go away and never show her ugly self again. One can only hope. So, I'll deal with feeling totally awful for a week or so if it means no Flo. ;)

Tis now 1:26am. Time for bed.

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