Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just another day . . .

Thursday rolls in again. Andrea just called from school & finished her English final. She's going to hang out with a friend at the coffee shop down in Port.

Just checked USPS tracking and I believe that I have yet another package in at the post office. Yes, I know I said *no more orders* but I have a special request for a roving color-way and had to get more merino, so that's that! *G*

I started carding the black alpaca that came last week and holy chit was it dusty/dirty! I put it in a mesh bag and ran it through the washer - one wash, three rinses and then tossed it into the dryer on the air only setting for 2 hours. Well, lemme tell ya sumtin - putting it in the dryer was a GREAT idea! All of the short, coarse hairs were sucked into the lint trap (cleaned it twice during the drying time) and I now have a nice, fluffy bag of soft, gorgeous pure black alpaca! I'm going to card it with some red and gold bamboo... I think! I could change my mind on this at any time, so nothing definite yet.

I've been carding the washed, snowy white alpaca today. Some VM in it, but the carder is catching most and I'll have to vacuum it out of the carder box when done. The plans for this alpaca is set - I sat last evening and hand carded a bunch of gorgeous locks from HollyEQQ . . . lots of lanolin left in those and they were great to work with. Easy combing, all of the lovely wavy texture maintained. I think they'll look wonderful when blended (gently) with the white alpaca. Any future lock purchases will be from Holly. I've gotten them from several places and hers are the absolute best.

I have a table full of batts all ready for photographing and then listing on Etsy. I did some of the camel down that I had on hand and I DO NOT like this stuff at all. No more camel for me. Too damn short to work with and blending it with wool was a PITA.


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