Friday, October 17, 2008


We're up extra early to take MIL to her eye specialist down in Middletown. Even though we have to travel, we'll accomplish quite a bit. Since Anda lives there, we have to pick up the receipt for her address change from motor vehicle and take it to our auto insurer - we're expecting a substantial drop in our premium - I'm hoping for at least a $1500 cut. I'll also hit the bakery (my favorite bakery on earth, DeFillippi's) for their fabulous seeded Italian bread & more. DH needs new work boots, so we'll get them on the way back, and I need to get stuff to make cream puffs for lunch with BIL & SIL tomorrow.

Decided to start processing the Border Leicester last evening. A blogger had posted how she did hers up in the washer; since I have 5lbs of it I figured I'd give it a try. So - its in the washer, still. Been through one scalding hot wash and is now soaking for a few days to loosen dirty tips up.

We also took some of the Cormo and put it in a clear plastic storage container w/room temp water and it'll soak for at least a week before I use soap to wash it up. Spin Off magazine had a great article on washing fleece and this long soak was one of the methods outlined. Though not specific to Cormo it seemed like the most gentle way to process this delicate fleece.

Went for eye exams yesterday. Sumbich! - $690 for 2 pair -one for each of us. Frames & lenses for me, $270, JUST lenses for DH, $420!!! He needs bifocals and they talked him into progressive lenses, something that I just couldn't get used to. I hope that he can adapt to them better than I did! (I returned mine, got regular bifocals. Ain't it a bitch to get old?!?) Last time I got glasses I went to freakin' W-Mrt. Lousy frame fit - no help in choosing anything, and I've really never been able to comfortably wear the damn things. Plus, the right lens kept popping out. This time, frame stylist, woman in her late 50's, chose a selection of frames for me and had me try them all on. One pair was deep purple with faux gem stones and I actually liked them! I did settle for a burnished metal with fancy sides that sat well and were so lightweight. I can hardly wait to get the damn things - it'll be nice to be able to see well again!!!

Thinking about what I plan to work on today once we get back home. I'd like to do some carding but my right arm is kind of achy so maybe not... I have "Porthos" almost finished. Just have to do that insert on the front and then seam it. Of course I STILL have to seam "Currer" - that one has been off of the needles for quite some time now! I guess that's what I'll do today then. Work on finishing both of those pieces off.

. . . later!

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