Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ass dragging . . .

I've had a very slow week. Weather is changing and I feel it more so this year than ever before. It's really hard getting old!

I started spinning for the online Guild's project #1. I chose some roving that I had purchased from the Sheep Shed Studio that is a wool/mohair blend. I kettle dyed it - it was actually roving that came at the very end of a long dye session and I used a bunch of dyes up that were in such small amounts they weren't worth saving. Well, the dyes took very well and I have a very nice blend of autumn like colors. My idea for this spin took shape as I started drafting some of the wool. I spun about half of it thick & thin and I'll be plying it up with metallic thread. Spinning the remainder as a thin single which I'll either do up as a 2 ply or a Navajo ply. I then plan to work it all up into a hat. No pattern, just an image in my mind. ;-)

I love spinning! And since our Etsy sales have been so, so slow I've been grabbing roving that I had listed and spinning it. I love the yarns that have come off of my wheels and it's hard to consider parting with any of them but I will take photos and eventually list them for sale. DH worked on my home made drum carder - I had been having difficulty with the drum turning really hard at times. Well, it was my fault! Wool had gotten twisted up on the ends and he got it all off. Turns really well now and I'd like to card some stuff.

The BL wool mentioned in an earlier post is done. What a difference! WOW! It wasn't looking too pretty before hitting the washer - it's 5lbs of beautifully white, soft & glossy fiber. Haven't spun any yet since I enjoy just looking at it! I'll get pix soon. Still have that small batch of Cormo soaking and really need to get to it. I'll be washing that by hand since its so delicate. I won't card it - it'll be hand flicked and spun from the locks. I'll probably dye a small batch as well. Since I have over 7lbs still needing processing it will definitely be around for a while.

I also have an old project that I really need to get going on. Its from the Novelty and Art Yarn Spinners group, project/swap #2. The inspirational photo seems to be subtle and smooth and I'd like the resulting yarn to reflect that.

*Just tried to add a photo to the post but I've been having problems with FireFox crashing A LOT! Seems that anything I try to save or post w/java does the deed. Have to see if I can rip it all out and do a clean install to get this fixed. I definitely prefer the FF browser over IE.

ETA: I disabled all add-ons in FireFox and this seemed to solve the crashing issue. . .
That's it for now.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey Catskill, you won my roving contest! Come on over to the blog and tell me which of my sheep you would like 8 oz. of roving from (I'll get pix up as soon as I can find the backdrop I got for this).

Catskill Mountain Knits said...

Thanks, Michelle! Posted to your blog, too. :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You're welcome! You'll need to send me your snail-mail addy. There's an email link on my blog.