Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still soaking

Still have the Cormo and BL soaking away. I'll probably start working the BL again tomorrow. It'll need a second wash, so I'll do that and then check to see if I should go ahead and rinse then dry. I have lots of netting to put it in and will most likely put it on the clothes line.

I wanted to work a scarf for a friend in a warm climate and started with bombyx silk that I had dyed and spun. . . I have to say, I don't like it for a scarf. I think it will work better as trim on something knitted, so I frogged the thing. DH suggested that I use bamboo fiber for the scarf since it's headed for Florida. Good idea since bamboo is anti-bacterial and has many other attractive benefits. I thought about all of the dyed bamboo that I have and then remembered that I have almost a pound of raw bamboo, pure white. I'm going to spin it up and then hand paint it -- not sure if I'll hand paint the yarn, or wait and paint the scarf once it's complete. As for the scarf pattern, this is my own design and I'll be asking permission from the recipient to use her name on it. :)

Photo of raw bamboo fiber:

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