Sunday, October 19, 2008


Damn, it's cold this morning! I told DH (he started his shift rotation today) to leave the pellet stove on the LOWEST settings when he left for work and he did. Needless to say, I crawled out of bed at 9am and it was chilly in here. Brrrr!! I pushed the stove settings up by 1 and its getting nice in here now. I also have 2 stock pots on the stove warming because I"ll need additional hot water for the washer today when I give the BL its second washing. That's helping to bring the temp. up too.

Got in touch w/my fav test knitter and asked if she'd like to give the RB scarf a run. Hopefully she's not too busy and will be able to give me her thoughts on it. I may offer this one for sale since I do like the way the pattern is working.

Spun a bunch of white bamboo up last night. I also found some great dyed bamboo from The Fiber Lady that I had purchased many months ago. Gonna spin that, too. Greens, gold, blue - pretty stuff! A plus is that it's bamboo top, makes drafting easier and will be a quick spin as compared to the white, raw bamboo.

Dogs are hungry - must give Miz Loonie her pill. Also need to get lots of yarn & fiber photos taken today to list w/Etsy.

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