Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ahhh . . . go away snow.

. . . and come back NEVER! Honestly, I can do without snow. Usually I enjoy the first *BIG* storm. Makes everything so beautiful and here in the woods you can hear the flakes as they fall and meet their destination. . . along with the not too distant sounds of the river and occasional bird or animal expressing their opinions, it's heaven!

Then, the plows rumble through churning up the fresh blanket of white and mixing it up with old leaves, dirt and other debris; a few days pass and as shovels, blowers and autos do their thing a grayish tinge appears - the once pure white blanket starts to turn gray and dirty and the joy of the first cleansing snow disappears. I then wish winter to be banished and begin to long the fresh greens of spring. *sigh*

ANYWAY! ! ! I think that getting through this winter will be easier since I now have so much to keep me occupied. I have lots and lots of wool in many forms to spin, felt, and knit with. I could probably keep myself busy through 2010!

I've been lazy in getting photos taken and really need to get myself moving and get it done. Spotty sunshine today - but still bright enough for photos, I think. I'd also like to give the needle felting a try to see what I might be able to accomplish.

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