Wednesday, December 10, 2008

. . . what day is it?

Watched a couple of YouTube vids last evening on how to properly use the hand cards and bravely started on some Cormo I had washed up. By George, I think I got it! LOL

Have 10 rolags done up - I've been picking any VM as I card and noils, too. Very little of either, thank goodness. I'm not sure if I'm going to post this stuff for sale or keep it for me. We need $$ pretty badly right now - so it'll most likely hit Etsy later today.

Slept with my left eye partially open again and this time it's extremely painful. I put some of the Celuvisc drops in and OMG the pain that caused! Awful!! I have my eye taped shut right now hoping that the dry spot rehydrates quickly so I can do something fiber related today. I really MUST start using the night-time drops regularly to avoid having this happen. Last time I went to the eye doc he said that the damage, although slight, to my cornea was visible. *sigh*

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