Thursday, December 11, 2008

A bit of peace now?

Got a wireless pci card for DD's computer and the damn thing is finally online. So I now have my computer back - though it is running funky and quite slow. Bet she downloaded crap and I now have some kind of junk or viral stuff hidden in it. I'm going to have to run a spy-ware scan on it as soon as I finish up with this post.

She also killed the battery in the digital camera. I have it charging now. I had wanted to get photos of the new hackle and list it on Etsy by now. At least I'll have it done shortly.

Having Abby & Don over for dinner tomorrow. We were going to go dutch for Chinese food but none of us really have the cash to spare right now so I'm cooking pot roast w/potatoes & carrots and making a big batch of kasha w/bow ties, mushrooms & onions. Abby says she loves this stuff. I'm also going to make cream puffs for dessert and I think that I may do the puff part tonight. Then I'll be able to put them back in the oven tomorrow to dry them out before adding the cream.

I've been using the wonderful hand cards - wasn't sure I'd enjoy them but I find that carding various types of fiber is quite pleasant and relaxing! I had some bamboo fiber that I had dyed and it was a mess ... all tangled and whatnot. I put it on the cards and it just worked out beautifully. Now I have some colors that I've never seen offered for sale. Can't wait to blend some up with some Romney that I have to card.

I have a wonderful Chai tea from Dunkin' Donuts sitting here waiting for me so I'm going to enjoy it and then begin a HUGE Etsy shop update. :)

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