Monday, December 1, 2008

The final 31 . . .

. . . days of the year. Damn, where did it go?!?

I'm having limited access to my computer right now since DD has moved back in. If you remember in a summertime post - she took her new laptop to a party and it was stolen, along with my digital camera, which she had borrowed. DH has looked into getting her an old system from a guy he works with so that she won't monopolize mine.

Had to turn the pellet stove off when I got up; just too warm in here. After yesterday's nasty winter storm it is over 50 degrees outside today. Strange weather, as we're becoming used to.

Hamster goes to his new home today. I just can't have a rodent sitting on the kitchen table all of the time. DD hasn't taken him into her room since coming home - I guess she has no place to put him. I can't say I'm sorry to see him go. My dogs are more than enough as far as pets are concerned.

Watched PE Obama's conference this morning. Go, Hillary! I'm very glad that he offered the position in his national security cabinet to her. This man is amazing! He's preparing his entire cabinet prior to officially taking office and they'll all hit the ground running on the day he takes over from our current, pathetically inept "leader".

Fiber related: Working on a hat for DD. I'm using oatmeal ECO Wool. Carded up some stuff. Spun a bit. Washed the remaining Romney up and have some mohair soaking in preparation for washing in a few days.

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