Friday, December 12, 2008


I got hold of seeds from Sand Mountain herbs that are Indigofera tinctoria. I want to get them in pots for germination soon so I can try using the plants for natural dyeing. I've just rejoined one Ravelry group that I used to be part of and also have joined several others that are dedicated to dyeing fiber - chemically and naturally. I hope to learn all that I can about harvesting and processing indigo before my plants are ready for use. :) I'm going to do research on other plants that I can use and go back to the Sand Mountain site for more seed. Super quick service & shipping - precise germination instructions and basic growing info right on the seed packet. I also have some other seeds from a friend that I need to get started. This type of seed I've grown before with great success; I can hardly wait to get those going. Don't ask. ;-)

Got the new hackle and some wool listed on Etsy last night. It just seems to take so much time to get from photo to finish. Today I need to get dinner prep done and then I would really like to list all of the homespun yarn I have available. I need to measure the skeins and calculate yardage, determine WPI, take and edit photos and list. Long afternoon! Sitting here surely isn't getting any of that done; is it? Still infusing myself with caffeine - that's my excuse for not starting as of yet.

There are squirrels running back and forth on our back deck and they sound like small horses! Geezus! Big ole fat swirls! Dogs just caught sight of them out of the window next to where I'm sitting and they're all going ape shit - they'd love to get hold of one of them swirls and have some fun. Imagine that! Good thing the dogs yard is totally fenced in and restricts them from chasing all of the various forest creatures that come around to visit.

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