Friday, December 5, 2008


Two bobbins full of superwash spun thin. I have Eve set up with a bobbin in preparation for plying but I'm thinking that it just might be better if I use the electric instead.

Cast on for another hat with a brim last evening. DD really loves the last one I made for her and I'd like to make some up to sell in our shop. Still need to work on Abby's Porthos - I have the back done and both sleeves on the needles. The front will go pretty quickly. I'll try to work on that this afternoon.

Going to try to get DD up early and HOPE that she doesn't have an attitude today. This self proclaimed adult really needs to get off of her butt and find a job. Sleeping until 2pm every day isn't going to get one. She pissed DH off last evening with her constant comments and complaints about the dogs and whatnot. I heard him mutter that he couldn't wait to get back to work. Only took 2 weeks for her to settle back in and begin irritating us again. I have to remind myself that I'm glad she's home again so I know that she's safe, warm, and eating decent food. Our grocery budget last week was all blown to hell. We sent her shopping for us - she offered to go - and we ended up $275 over budget with all of the goodies and special food items she got for herself.


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