Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Prototype -

My darling husband is building me 2 spinning apparatus'. An electric spinner and an actual wheel with treadle. Often times this man still continues to amaze me even after all of our years together!


primdollie said...

wow saw your post on ravelry and how awesome is that!!! would love if my hubby could do that!! did he have any plans or instructions?? I have an older Louet and am waiting for a used Pirtle to come today or tomorrow and also have an electric Babe but have some issues with that one!! I know you will love spinning on them once he is done!! enjoy and hope to see the finished wheel!!! hugs Linda

SylvChezPlum said...

saw your post on Ravelry too and am amazed ! How cool !!
I purchased my first spindle kit yesterday and can't wait to join the fun !! -I've got a very vintage, as in antique, wheel waiting for me at my parents.. someday when I have enough room I'll try to see if I can use it !! :-P )