Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Appointment . . .

. . . to have my new crown put on at the dentist today. Taking mother-in-law with me so that she can do some shopping. I have to get a few things that I missed yesterday.

Darling daughter has moved back home with us. The job market is deteriorating and she just wasn't able to find anything down in Middletown. I knew that she was getting a bit 'home-sick' last week when she called, and she came up to supposedly visit the other day. . . I told her that we'd be quite happy to have her here at home with us and she seemed quite relieved. Geez - like we'd ever tell her that she couldn't come back here! Silly kid!! She was supposed to start moving today but was so anxious to get back that she and her boyfriend packed all her stuff up into his and her cars last night and ended up moving back in at 1am this morning. :)

DH goes back on shift tonight so I think that DD and I will do some baking. I picked up a whole bunch of stuff yesterday for cookies, brownies, breads, etc., so she'll have her choice as to what we make. I have a feeling it'll be oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Anyway - looking forward to getting this trip out of the house over with quickly so I can settle in at home and finish up some spinning I started yesterday. Lots and lots of yardage to work with. I haven't decided if I'm going to ply it with black or white yet. Plying this color blend back on itself would make the end result yarn seem muddy, and I am leaning towards the black ply . . . I think it'll make all of the colors pop!

Off to the shower -

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