Friday, July 25, 2008

Art Yarn

I have just finished my first 'seriously spun' art yarn. Others that I have played with have been spun up quickly - one skein kinks up so horribly it's almost not worth doing anything with. The stuff I have just finished I took lots of care and time to do it correctly. Its a core-spun with coils, a few super coils, and seed beads placed randomly throughout. I took the core yarn and put it on a drop spindle so I could let it dangle and spin itself out/unply as I spun the artsy single onto it. The seed beads were threaded onto invisible nylon quilter's thread and carried along with the single. I had to stop each time I reached the drop spindle to release more core yarn - this is what took up most of the time it took to work the entire single onto the core.
This is the batt used for the single. A spontaneous spinning batt from Loop! on Etsy. It was created with inspiration from the purple passion butterfly and was my very first batt from Loop's SSB Club.
I'll add a photo of the FO as soon as I have one. I need to soak it to set the twist and let it dry.

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